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Carpet Values, Inc. is a family owned and operated flooring business. We sell carpet, hardwood, vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, tile and stone. We are open Monday-Saturday helping you find the perfect flooring for your needs. 

Installing carpet in your space is one of the easiest ways to add luxury and comfort into any room. Whether it’s wall-to-wall or just an area rug, adding carpet will upgrade any space. 

Keeping the classic look in your home is essential when looking at flooring, and hardwood creates that look effortlessly in any space. If you need a clean, timeless look, hardwood will fulfill those needs. 

Vinyl is a great choice in flooring. Whether Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile or Sheet Vinyl, this durable surface is good for well-worn and high traffic areas. In styles ranging for stone to hardwood, we can find a style that fits your needs.